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Pure Being Grain Free Dog Food Review

Chances are many that you may know one or several people that have sworn off gluten free and grain free diets. In many stores, they have shelves set aside for grain free and gluten free diets for such people. One of the main reasons some people swear off grain rich diets is because of the allergies and other digestive problems they get after consuming them. Even restaurants from across the world have special gluten and grain free diets for these people.

Just like humans, some dogs too are allergic to grains and gluten and they also deserve to have diets that are free from these ingredients, all dogs irrespective of breed or sizes deserve to have nutritious and high quality food for good health and better growth. While some people may argue that a dog can eat any kind of food fit for a canine, the same is not is not true because just like human diets, some dog recipes contain harmful ingredients that may compromise the dog’s digestive systems and trigger allergic reactions.

Grain Free Dog Food dog

Some ingredients may also stunt growth. Other recipes contain food with low quality flavor and taste that the dog may not enjoy at any time. If you are looking for the best food for your dog, you will have to do some research in order to get the best. Some of the best dog foods in the market are those that do not contain any grains because they are friendly to the dog’s digestive system and they do not cause allergies.

Pure being grain free dog food is one such diet that comes with natural grain fee ingredients that meet all the dietary needs of the dog. in this article, we review one of the best Grain Free Dog Food the Shep pure being grain free natural dog food but before then, here are the reasons why people choose grain free food over a diet packed with grains for their four legged best friends.

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High protein content ingredients

One of the main advantages of grain free foods is the high content of protein content. Compared to regular diets, grain free recipes contain more meat, which is a high source of proteins and essential for the active dog’s life. High protein levels helps to sustain the energy levels of the dogs as well as keep them fit as they go about with their active lives.

All natural ingredients with no fillers

Majority of the pure grain free diets contain all natural ingredients with no fillers. The fillers, usually found in regular diets come with no or very little nutritional values to the dog.

Weight management

Some of the grain free diets also help the dogs with their weight maintenance. The diets contain fewer carbohydrates that contribute to weight gain.


Grain free diets are healthier for the dogs because they contain less sugar as compared to regular diets. This is so in the case of diabetic dogs that can get worse by taking highly sugar-spiked carbohydrates.

No artificial additives and preservatives

Pure means that the diets are free from anything artificial such as flavors, additives, colors and preservatives that come with toxic chemicals harmful to the dog.



Because of the highly rich protein content, majority of grain free dog foods are more expensive than the regular foods.

Less balanced nutritional value

Though many of the grain free diets provide healthy diets for the dogs, they may miss some nutritional qualities derived from grains such as some vitamins, essential fatty acids and fiber.

Shep Pure Being Grain Free Natural Dog Food

Pure Being Grain Free


  • Grain free
  • Made in the USA
  • Contains high quality ingredients
  • Delicious flavor and taste
  • High quality kibbles


  • Pricey


Shep pure grain free dog food is a USA made product packed with goodness and nutrition. The highly nutritious dog food contains a high protein content of salmon and sweet potato that provides the dog with energy. The kibbles are a good small size for the dogs with an amazing taste and flavor.


The main ingredients in Shep Pure Grain Free Dog Food are salmon and sweet potato. SALMON is supports the dogs immune system with its great source of omega 3 fatty acids. A good immune system helps to fight inflammations while at the same time keeping the dogs coat and skin healthy and shiny.

SWEET POTATO on the other hand comes with several health benefits that include supporting a healthy digestive system. It also adds a sweet flavor to the diet and it contains high dietary fiber content alongside essential vitamins.

Wrapping it up

Pure grain free dog food is not only good for the dog’s health growth but also one of the best transition foods for a dog that is having problems with allergy attacks and a poor digestive system. The ingredients are kind on the stomach and fir for the dog’s active life from their puppy stage to their adult phase. Make sure to read the package for the full list of all the ingredients to ensure that your dog’s digestive system is friendly to them all.


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